Training manual for the Living labs

Living Labs offer valuable insights into the practical needs, challenges, experiences, and lessons identified by first-line practitioners. The group dynamic within a Living Lab allows for interaction, discussion, joint analysis, reflection, evaluation, and the development of recommendations. It provides a qualitative understanding of general tendencies in people’s thinking, crucial for in-depth analysis. This methodology involves structured group discussions among relevant experts and practitioners in the field of interest, focusing on managing cases of THB and CSE.

The purpose of this document is to present a methodology for developing three “Living Labs” events within the ERADICATING project. The objectives of this report are to explain the general approach of “Living Labs,” outline their specific aim in ERADICATING, provide detailed instructions for the organizers in preparing these events, offer comprehensive guidance on implementation, including validation, evaluation, and problem-solving, and provide information on necessary documentation and post-processing of the Living Labs and their results.


 D2.9 Training manual for the Living labs