Practical Guide for Law Enforcement Authorities when in contact with Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings

The present practical guide is one of the awareness raising materials forming part of the toolkit to be developed within the ERADICATING project for the ERADICATING “Footprint”. This “Footprint” is a victim-centered training toolkit that will be created within the project and aiming to enhance the cooperation between, as well as the abilities of, the Greek, Bulgarian and German stakeholders on the management of THB and CSE cases, in order to improve their capacity to interact in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment, but also to exchange best practices in the anti-trafficking field.

This practical guide intends to consist of the most important procedures for the protection of trafficked victims, as well as useful gender-related, child-sensitive, victim-oriented communication tips and relief and support structures for victims of trafficking, with emphasis on Greece, Germany and Bulgaria. To this end, the guide is published in four languages (English, Greek, German and Bulgarian). It was created as the outcome of feedback collected by representatives of the afore mentioned EU countries, utilising desktop research and/or interviews, which involve the use of existing data that are collected and summarized to increase the overall effectiveness of the research activity.

Full text in English

Full text in Bulgarian

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