Handbook of Train the Trainers


This handbook constitutes training materials as part of the ERADICATING Footprint, which will serve as the basis for both the Transferability Workshops as well as the Living Labs in ERADICATING, events aimed at fostering ERADICATING’s outreach. It is largely based on the information gathered from the “Report on End User Requirements”, which involved interviews with experts from different organizations involved in managing cases of trafficking of human beings in Bulgaria, Greece, and Germany. The use case scenarios from the “Report on Use Case Scenarios” were also analyzed to identify gaps and needs of end users. The recommendations from these findings significantly influenced the design and content of the ERADICATING Footprint training guide.

This handbook is designed to help readers with the Training of Trainers approach. The introduction explains ERADICATING’s objectives and its connection to other activities. The “Training of Trainers Approach” section defines the approach and offers pedagogic recommendations based on best practices in adult education. The “Methodology” section outlines the planning and execution of the program, including roles, training materials, an agenda, and detailed recommendations. The handbook provides practical guidance and recommendations for implementing the Training of Trainers approach effectively, offering a comprehensive guide for trainers and facilitators aiming to enhance their training methods and outcomes.


D2.8 Handbook of Train the Trainers