Footprints of Hope: Digital Child Manual in the form of a Fairy tale

The Digital Child Manual aims to raise awareness of the student community on THB with emphasis on mixed forms of minors’ exploitation, highlighting the social preventative role of civil protection authorities. This product, conceived in the form of a fairy tale, written by the Police Officer/Author Mrs. Foteini Konstantopoulou, is a suitable approach, particularly in raising awareness on issues such as THB & CSE due to the delicate target audience. Through its story line, main characters and meaning behind intuitive allegories, the fairy tale intends to raise awareness and cultivate empathy in society.

Interactive Fairy tale

Note to the users of the digital fairy tale (professionals and parents):
Given the sensitive subject of THB and vulnerabilities that children of different background may encounter, we advise you to consider any necessary preventive measures to avoid feelings of anxiety or insecurity.