Factsheet Germany

This overview encapsulates a thorough analysis of pertinent issues and potential solutions meticulously crafted by 13 experts working in the field of human trafficking in Germany. These insights were derived from a workshop convened in Berlin, where the experts delved into key aspects of the subject matter. The analysis, structured around three primary domains, namely Identification, Investigation, and Criminal Prosecution, offers a comprehensive perspective on addressing the multifaceted challenges associated with trafficking in human beings.

Moreover, the overview accentuates the crucial dimension of Victim Protection and Support, underscoring the imperative of integrating compassionate measures into the broader framework of combating these challenges. The discourse also extends to emphasize the significance of fostering Interdisciplinary and Cross-Sectoral Cooperation, operating both at the national and international levels. This collaborative approach emerges as a pivotal strategy for tackling the complex nuances of the identified issues surrounding human trafficking.



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