Newsletter, Issue 1, October 2022

The first edition of the newsletter highlights the critical issue of human trafficking, which not only violates human rights but also poses significant social and security challenges. In this issue, we bring you updates and insights from ERADICATING, a 24-month multi-country initiative aimed at increasing the capacity of law enforcement agencies and service providers in preventing and early identifying trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation. Our objective is to eliminate the existing culture of impunity that sustains the trafficking industry.

In this newsletter, you can expect:

  1. Insights into ERADICATING’s key objectives, such as supporting capacity-building efforts, strengthening cross-border cooperation within the EU, and raising awareness on trafficking.
  2. Updates on the project’s progress, including its official launch, the appointment of an External Advisory Board, and the development of essential products like the Legal and Ethical Handbook and the Communication and Dissemination Strategy.
  3. The upcoming initiatives, including information about speakers and registration for relevant events.


Newsletter ERADICATING, Issue 1, October 2022