Transnational training on the prevention of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children


As part of the Footprint Toolkit, ERADICATING held a transnational training with simulation exercises from the 6th to the 10th of March 2023 in Athens, Greece. Practitioners learned how to identify and investigate human trafficking cases in various contexts through live action simulated scenarios, which can be tailored and adapted to individual needs at national and European level.


The simulation exercises’ aimed at raising awareness on THB/CSE cases, strengthening the multi-stakeholder engagement between law enforcement agencies, prosecutorial offices, labour inspectorates, NGOs and social service providers, and improve their responses via practicing anticipated situations in a multinational setting. To assist the practitioners, ERADICATING developed specialised training materials under the Footprint toolkit which include scenarios regarding the management of THB cases.



During the first session of the event, the project team provided a practical introduction of the simulation exercise to familiarise the participants with technical systems and procedures and to evaluate the efficiency and appropriateness of those procedures. The following three days were devoted to the simulation exercise, in which the trainees had to operate and choose how to respond, according to their respective roles, to the simulated scenarios.





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