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Training manual for the Living labs

Living Labs offer valuable insights into the practical needs, challenges, experiences, and lessons identified by first-line practitioners. The group dynamic within a Living Lab allows for interaction, discussion, joint analysis, reflection, evaluation, and the development of recommendations. It provides a qualitative understanding of general tendencies in people’s thinking, crucial for in-depth analysis. This methodology involves […]

Handbook of Train the Trainers

  This handbook constitutes training materials as part of the ERADICATING Footprint, which will serve as the basis for both the Transferability Workshops as well as the Living Labs in ERADICATING, events aimed at fostering ERADICATING’s outreach. It is largely based on the information gathered from the “Report on End User Requirements”, which involved interviews […]

Evaluation methodology report

This report outlines the evaluation plan for ERADICATING’s core activities, including training, multidisciplinary interagency cooperation, and the initiative’s impact on the public. It describes the evaluation methods, criteria, and indicators to be used throughout the process. Evaluation is an ongoing procedure that aids in monitoring and assessing ERADICATING’s outputs and results. Its primary objectives are […]

Newsletter, Issue II, June 2023

This is the second edition of our newsletter, “Prevention and Multi-Agency Cooperation Against Trafficking. In this issue,we highlight the significance of strengthened cooperation between public authorities, civil society, and private actors across all Member States to combat human trafficking effectively. A crucial step in achieving this goal is the intensification of a coordinated and consolidated […]

Newsletter, Issue 1, October 2022

The first edition of the newsletter highlights the critical issue of human trafficking, which not only violates human rights but also poses significant social and security challenges. In this issue, we bring you updates and insights from ERADICATING, a 24-month multi-country initiative aimed at increasing the capacity of law enforcement agencies and service providers in […]